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Weed Zinger

"just ZING it"


The Weed Zinger allows you to pull weeds without the use of damaging chemicals, without bending, kneeling or stooping more dirty hands.  It is designed primarily for Dandelions in soft soil.  It grabs the weed, roots and all, and pulls them out of the ground with minimal damage leaving only a small hole that quickly clloses after the next rain.


Stepping on the foot pedal drives 5 spiral shaped stainless steeltines into the ground securing the root. A powerful spring provides the energy to propel the weed with enough force to reach a waste bin several feet away...about 6-15'. 


The more notches that are engaged the more power is generated when the weed is released. This is one reason why it is best to wait for a good rain. The softer the soil, the more "notches" on the shaft are engaged which results in even more dramatic results.


We like to think that we put the "fun" into weeding, we even include a "bulls-eye" that serves as a backstop and target.


It’s the perfect way to add fun to a mundane task!

What You Should Know Before You Buy

The Weed Zinger, like all upright weeding tools, rely on a series of tines to pentrate the soil and grasp the weed. The easier they penetrate the more of the taproot is captured and the further the weed can be tossed.


When the ground is hard and compacted it is difficult to get any device into the ground. This makes it nearly impossible to twist the weed free becasue the taproots is much weaker than the surrounding soil. This will shear the root.


If the ground is too soft, the base of the tool tends to bury into the soil offering very little resistance and this provides nothing for the base plate to push against. In this case you might not compress the sping at all.


The ground conditions determine how effective this tool will be. If the base plate stays on the surface of the soil and engages at least 2-3 clicks and the tines travel nearly their full length into the ground then the internal spring will compress enough to lauch the weed when the trigger is squeezed. Producing excellent results.


If you have to stomp or force the tines into the ground then you need to wait for the soil to soften up. 


" there is a right way and a wrong way to operate a tool...use tools as they were designed and intended for."

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