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Perfect For Tending To Raised Beds And Small Gardens

The UpGarden is a set of gardening tools designed specifically for use with raised beds and small gardens.  The elongated handle is comfortable and sturdy with a classic look and feel.  It is shaped to allow close working or at full reach.  Also included is a waist/bucket pack with an adjustable strap for easily transporting, using and storing the tools.

Shaped to allow close working or at full reach or Extended handle for extra reach.

Classic with a Twist - Elongated classic wood-handled garden tools Suitable for raised bed gardening projects.

Dependable – Sturdy wood handled tools for raised bed gardening projects.

Durable - Hand-polished stainless steel constructed heads won’t rust.


Convenient - Sturdy canvas waist/bucket pack to easily transport, use and store tools.

Comfortable - Stainless steel construction with comfortable wooden handles.

Included - 3-piece garden tool set with attractive canvas waist/bucket pack.

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