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About 5 years ago, David Weaver, a retired military veteran was pulling Dandelions with an upright weeding tool.  Although the tool was more than capable of pulling the weed from the ground it often became compacted with moist soil.  The only way to free the weed was by pounding on the release mechanism with the palm of his hand.  This pounding action may not be an issue for a healthy young adult, but it is very painful for a 60 year old man with arthritis.



On one occassion, he pounded the handle with enough force to propel the weed several feet directly into the woods. This "light bulb" moment launched a product and a successful business that is now owned by Andrea Watros.


Andrea's business skills secured a reliable manufacturer and within a year it was "selling out" on QVC.  During the testing phase, the inventor would spend hours in his yard pulling weeds with his grand-daughters.  It got to a point where the girls begged him to weed everytime they came over. They would earn points for getting the weed in the trash can by propping a piece of cardboard in the can to serve as a backstop. Andrea took that concept and began marketing the tool as a game and incorporated it into the packaging.


Today, the Weed Zinger is marketed as a weeding tool that makes weeding fun. 





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