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Multi-function Weed Sprayer



The Spray Zinger allows you to pull weeds without the use of damaging chemicals, and without your bending over or getting your hands dirty.  It is designed to remove the hardiest weeds from all types of soil, even heavy clay.  It grabs the weed, roots and all, and pulls them out of the ground without damaging nearby grass.  It ejects weeds with a trigger release that sends weeds flying up to 6’ away.  It’s a perfect way to add fun to a mundane task!

Makes it easy to go green and create homemade, organic weed killing solutions.


Reduces the amount of solution needed.


Dispenses liquid in 2 spray streams for targeted or expanded coverage. 


Wheel design allows user to roll over weeds and spray accurately.


Easy to remove and fill fluid reservoir.


Angled trigger is comfortable, while the mid-handle grip provides additional control.


Lightweight, ergonomic design.

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