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Dandelion Hunter

I will admit that I use weed & feed in the Spring and as a result I do not get to "Zing" as much as I would like to. I have a Weed Zinger attached to a large dump cart that I pull behind my tractor just in case I see a Dandelion pop it's yellow head. I also keep a 5 gallon pail on the porch with another Weed Zinger in standby just in case I spot one pulling into the driveway. The life expectancy of a Dandelion in my yard is about as long as a Mayfly.

The video clip below is of me hunting Dandelions. The ground was a little harder than we recommend but it was still suitable for pulling Dandelions. I usually lay the bucket down in one place and work an area but in this case I needed to be mobile.

This is the first time I tried shooting them into the pail as I was holding it, it was very effective. You may notice in the video that I am probing the weed with gentle taps to locate the center. I know when I have found center because all of the outer leaves deflect inwardly at the same time. This is the best chance you have of finding the taproot. Even when you find the center it is not likely that you will remove 100% of the taproot because it typically extends well beyond the tines of any upright weeding tool.

The truth is this is a really effective method for spot weeding and it is fast. It is not as fun as launching a weed 15' into a bucket blind-folded while bending over backwards but it is effective.

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