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Game On!

I take every opportunity to brag about my grand-daughters. They are precious and I spend as much time with them as possible. On Saturdays we do yard games and I make outrageous contraptions that shoot footballs in the air, launch water balloons, portable roller cooasters and I even get them to do work around the house.

The one thing that I never have to beg them to do is to "Zing". Zinging is what the girls calling removing weeds from the lawn using the Weed Zinger. It is advertised as being fun, and that is no idle boast. It brings out the competitive spirit of all age groups. Shooting a weed several feet into a bucket with a target is fun and I personally will do it for about 4 hours...truth.

Because of my world renouned mad skills as a Zinger, capabale of dispatching flies in mid air and hit slow moving trash cans dead-center left-handed, I must face all challengers at a greater distance than mere mortals.

#dandelionpuller #weedpullingmechanism #weeds #chickweed #weedpuller #weedingtool #pesticides #dandelionweeds #controllingweeds #weedzinger

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