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Residential Grazing Zone?

For years I have done everything in my power and budget to keep dandelions in-check. Their bright yellow heads contrasting against my beautiful green lawn makes me see red. I have an arsenal of weeding tools, an olympic pool of herbicides and an abundance of free time to spend eradicating the pesky buggers but it is still not enough.

Recently, I read an article that may very well change my outlook on dandelions and how I dispose of them. Apparently, you can eat these suckers. Any part of it in fact.

The green leaves are used for salad...I like salad.

The tap root can be roasted and ground to make tea...heck...I like tea.

The flower can be made into comment.

What we are talking about here is a buffet line. I have a lawn, it has weeds, I want the weeds gone and people need to eat.

Win! Win!

Light bulb over the head moment.

Invite neighbors to "graze" on my lawn at no cost. Posts signs, add a few salad bowls for the fussy folks, maybe a table or two for the snobs, have some salad dressing readily available in bird feeders and let them loose. Think about it. I would be feeding people and ridding my lawn of dandelions. Naturally, it will have to be closely monitored and maintained so as not to destroy the grass seed. What if I get an over-eater or someone with a digestive problem. Fertilizer is desirable but this might just be another venture on it's own.

I will probably need a cattle prod or two and maybe even a sheep dog in case they act BBBAAAADDDD!

I will need to redefine the role of the Weed Zinger and repurpose it to facilitate this project. The Weed Zinger propels weeds, you might say it tosses them...tossed salad anyone??

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