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Weed Be Gone

There is nothing more frustrating than to spray your lawn with a herbicide or to physically extract a weed only to have 2 more take it's place. I liken it to the cartoon shows when I was a kid where an alarm clock would not stop ringing and each time it was struck with a large hammer it became a smaller version of itself and still kept ringing. Pulling weeds is very much like that to me. I would venture to say that there are very few people that weed their yard as much as I do. I own every weeding tool that has been created in the last five years and I will tell you that none of them, even mine, will completely extract the root and every tendrel of the weed to prevent it from growing back. This is to say nothing of the airborne seeds drifting from the neighbors yard.

The Weed Zinger, or any of the several other weeding tools currently on the market, is not a magic wand. It is a tool that was meant to pick over the remaing weeds that may appear after applying chemicals, organic or otherwise. The best line of defense in this case is to maintain a healthy lawn. Here are just a few useful tips to keep your weeding to a minimum.

Mow your lawn often and maintain the cutting height to no less than 3 inches.

Change the direction of your mow each time.

Mulching is great and is vital to to enriching the soil but it also broadcasts the weeds that were not removed.

Keep your lawn watered when possible, weeds like it dry.

Keep your lawn fertilized and healthy and use organic when you can. Weeds like poorly nourished soil.

Only pull weeds manually after a good rain when the soil is not compacted, it is the only way the root will stay intact.

As for operating the Weed Zinger, I have been weeding my yard for more than 2 years with this product. I must admit that I am somewhat of a fanatic and will spend 4-6 hours weeding at a time. That has given me a lot of time to experiment. I am also quite accurate at shooting the weed at some distance. Here is what I do to make the most of my time.

I wait for a soaking rain, usually a day after. If the prongs go in easily it is time to weed.

If the tines do not go in easily then you are wasting your time. You cannot expect to pull a weed out intact.

Probe the weed with the base of the tool. When you find the center the surrounding weeds will deflect inwardly slightly.

Step firmly until you get about 2-3 clicks and rotate counter-clockwise at least 180 degrees.

Some of the more robust weeds actually require a full 360 degree turn.

Swing your arm outward while squeezing the trigger just before the peak of your arc.

Chickweed and Clover is removed in short jabbing twists and released back onto the ground.

I clear an entire area first and then sweep them up with a lawn broom.

I live in the country on 2 acres. I am the only person for miles that spends even a passing glance at the weeds in their yards. I have the best looking yard because I practice what I preach. Even with all of my efforts I still have weeds. I cannot control mother nature I can only hope to work with her.

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