Welcome to the weedzinger.com Affiliate Program!

Weedzinger.com specializes in selling a unique weeding tool that actually shoots the weed several feet directly into the waste bin. Our product is currently being sold: QVC, Amazon, Walmart.com, Homedepot,com, Ebay and several catalog websites.


Weed Zinger as sold out on QVC the last two buying seasons. We have sold more than 33,000 units to date.


Our ability to source this product and purchase it in large quantities, allows us the opportunity to pass Huge Savings on to our customers!

Here is why you should be a weedzinger.com Affiliate Partner:


  • You will earn a generous $7.50 on the sale of each unit, that equates to 25% on an item that sells for $29.95.



    Program is completely free


    Quick and easy set-up process


    Updated free product feeds

  • Web based tracking and reporting

How do I sign up?


We have partnered with Shareasale.com, the foremost leader in affiliate program management.

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