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The Original


Weed Zinger

"weeding fun for everyone"

It Shoots

the Weed!


Don't just pull the weed...

Zing it!

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The Weed Zinger is an upright weeding tool that has taken the tedious task of pulling weeds and turned into a FUN project for the whole family.  The Weed Zinger doesn't just uproot the weed it actually shoots the weed directly into a trash can using a powerful spring and trigger mechanism.  With a little swing of the arm and a well timed shot it is possible to toss the weed 6-15'. No more pounding or pumping the release mechanism like traditional weeders.


The Weed Zinger is so light that it can be used with one hand by adults. 



The Upright Weeding Tool That requires:

No Bending
No Kneeling
No Lifting
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  • Makes chores fun 

  • Seniors prefer it

  • Easy on the hands

  • Simple clean up


Manual Release

Soft Foam Handle

Trigger Release



Powder Coated Frame




Stainless Steel Tines w/ Spiral Shape For Added Gripping Force




Non-slip Foot Pedal










weed-zinger-shooting weed

When was the last time you hunted for a dandelion?


You will...


*For use with Adult Supervision ONLY


Please Note:  We do not recommend operating any upright weeding tool in hard compacted ground, mulch beds or driveways.  Hard ground prevents the tines from penetrating the soil deep enough to capture the root of the weed, small stones and mulch also prevent the tines from closing fully.  


If the soil is stronger than the taproot then the twisting action will shear the root. We recommend weeding a full day after a rain when the ground is soft enough for the tines to penetrate the soil. DO NOT force the tines into the ground.


The hole that is created by our tool is actually the smallest created by any upright weeding tool. The hole is approximately 2" deep and conical in shape, this is actually shallower than what a lawn aerator makes. These holes are actually quite good for the lawn and they quickly fill back within a few days.


There is currently no upright weeding tool on the market that will remove all of the taproot everytime unless the taproot is very shallow.


"For this reason you should weed often and early."


Removing weeds is a tedious and never-ending battle. No single act or process will eliminate the weeds in your yard. Please follow this link to some helpful tips on minimizing the spread of lawn weeds.

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